IntelligentKidz Enrichment Programmes

Intelligentkidz conducts both holiday camps and regular training

programmes.It focuses on advanced learning techniques and brain

training and modules like speed reading to help boost your kid's

grades based on current science research.Call +65-90789174 for booking

Holiday and regular training programmes for both OA and Intelligent Kidz.

IntelligentKidz Enrichment Programmes

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Suet Mei Singapore

I gained a lot of  benefits like acquiring the skills to study and knowing how to
face a problem when it occurs. It also empowers me to take action of my own
education and achieving goal in life.

Syafiqah Singapore

I love how the tutor taught me. Unlike many programmes I attended IntelligentKidz tutors gave a personal touch to each students. Recommend!!

Sarah Farhana Singapore

I have learnt a lot through this programme , fast reading  wasn't really my thing but after I attended the programme by IntelligentKidz , I found that my reading skills improved drastically .

Asher Ann Singapore , CCK

Thank you for teaching us during the programme and I am happy because I have learnt ways to speed read!

Wong Hiat Tan Singapore

After attending the Speed reading Programme by IntelligentKidz, I've improved more than what I have expected! . Thank you IntelligentKidz Ref . "141015AUD2"

Tan Jing Heng Singapore, Bukit Batok

After I attended the course I am able to implement the skills that i've learned in the programme and also I believe that this will benefit me in the long run.

I was finding alternative for faster understanding of subject  and  I came across this programme through IntelligentKidz , I am very happy and glad that I took the right decision and chose the accelerated learning programme to speed up my learning.

Thomas Wong Singapore

Thank you IntelligentKidz for providing quality programmes for my kids!